How to With Shibui Interiors

How to With Shibui Interiors

 The Drinks Trolley is back!!

 While we are all entertaining within our bubbles, what better time to bring a bit of glamour into your home.

Not only is Drinks Trolley a stylish addition to your lounge or dining area, you can also whisk it outside for your garden party or barbecue.

How To Select And Style Your Drinks Trolley

When choosing your Drinks Trolley, it’s important to buy a suitable one for your space and your storage needs.Are you wanting it for a functional trolley? or a place to group and store decorative objects?Think about the style and colour that will work with your décor.Think about the size.


Selecting and displaying the right glassware

Choose glassware based on the drinks you will be serving.A decanter is great for displaying and airing wine.Think about the style and colour of the glassware. Gold glassware looks great with a Gold Trolley, charcoal glassware looks modern and edgy with a silver or Black TrolleyClear Glassware is classic and works with any colour trolley. Display decorative drink/cocktail bottles (maybe tuck plain bottles away in a cupboard)!!A cocktail shaker always looks stylish.


 Using your Drinks Trolley as decorative furniture

If you are using your Trolley to display items – complement other items with similar coloured glassware (this could include glass vases, glass bottles, sand timers).Adding a living plant/flowers (or even faux foliage) to a vase or container on your Drinks Trolley, is a great way to bring other colours and softness to the cleaner lines of the trolley. Add a smaller bouquet of mixed flowers, or a taller vase with simple and dramatic flowers. Drinks Trolleys are great for storage and a stylish way to display your coffee table books or decorative objects. Think about using the bottom shelf on the trolley for heavier looking items, and the top shelf for glassware and lighter objects.




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