The Initial Design Consultation 

Each project starts with an initial meeting at the Client’s property or at our showroom. This is to establish the project’s requirements, and to gain a comprehensive understanding of your individual lifestyle, aesthetic and budget.

Estimated Design Fee Proposal 

After the initial meeting we provide a fee proposal (if required), which will detail the time necessary to implement your new design scheme.

Benefits of using an Interior Designer

  • Adds value and style to your property.

  • Significantly enhancing the visual aesthetics and value of your home.

  • Saving you money and avoiding costly mistakes through effective purchasing.

  • Saves you time, because of our professional knowledge of a vast range of available resources.

  • We help visualise how space can be used to create an innovative, beautiful and functional   environment.

Four things we explain to our Clients

  1. Sometimes articulating what you want is the toughest part – and that’s okay. Not every client has a clear idea of what they want before we start working on a project, and that’s absolutely fine. But it can be really helpful if you come to our initial meeting armed with images of rooms and pieces you like – whether it’s the shape of a chair, the colour of a lamp or the overall feel of a room. This helps us work out which styles you gravitate towards, so that ultimately we can create a space you will love.  Having those conversations also gives us both the opportunity to delve into questions beyond aesthetics, such as the function and flow of a space.

  2. The best homes and rooms are not necessarily time-stamped (Remember – trends change). Function is just as important as form. However beautiful or fashionable a piece is, you’ll never be completely happy with it if it doesn’t do the job you need it to do. When selecting pieces for your interior, try not to get side-tracked by what’s ‘hot’. While you might like the look of a bathroom with an open vanity, for example, have you considered where would you store all your bathroom items?

  3. Quality lasts. When it comes to figuring out where to spend and where to save, we advise clients that it’s worth spending more on things you see, touch and interact with every day. These might include a good quality sofa (you spend more time there than you think), custom made Curtains or Blinds (that fit your windows perfectly), luxurious bedding (you spend a lot of time in bed also) and well-crafted hardware i.e. door handles and tapware (that feel comfortable in the hand).

  4. And finally….. Don’t worry about what others will think of your design choices!! Everyone has their unique style, and chances are your best friend, mother, or neighbour’s taste, may not align with yours.