In addition to providing new furniture, we also offer a full Re-upholstery service.
Some people simply can’t find the perfect piece of furniture, and others are wanting to change their existing furniture specifically to create a more modern look.
If your favourite sofa or occasional chair is looking disheveled, or your dining chairs are worn through, we are able to Re-upholster and restore them to their former glory.
At Shibui Interiors,we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and standard that we have our Clients furniture Re-upholstered to. Our Upholsterer has been working and specialising in the furniture industry for many years, and we consider him to be one of the best craftsmen in the country.
We have an extensive fabric collection in our showroom, and we have the expertise to advise you on suitable fabrics, vinyls or leather for your furniture. We can also discuss if additional detailing on more traditional pieces – such as stud work, piping, braid or alternative legs is required.
Please contact us and discuss your thoughts and requirements regarding the Re-upholstery of your furniture.
Four Great Reasons to get Your Furniture Re-upholstered
  1. Good quality furniture is expensive to purchase – by Re-upholstering your existing furniture, you are actually making an investment.
  2. People often want to keep furniture they have, because –  it may be inherited (an heirloom piece), because of sentimental attachment, they like the look of it, or because the sofa or chair is regarded as a well loved friend.
  3. Your existing furniture most likely fits your space well. Re- upholstering your furniture retains the style and dimensions, but gives an up to date look by using new fabric.
  4. If your furniture is of high quality or a branded name, then Re-upholstering makes very good sense. You probably paid a reasonable amount of money for these pieces, and quality will last.